№ 4 ' 2010


  • Editorial

    «Big payday for media bosses »

    Keywords: media, bosses, payments
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 5
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Mobile society and knowledge society: similarities and differences »

    The article deals with the correlation of two terms – mobile society and knowledge society which are the next development stage after the information society. The conclusion implies that mobile society is not only a result of active use of wireless technologies of mobile communication but is at large a result of accelerated speed of capital (material and immaterial) and information flows thanks to new ICT. The knowledge society rests on mobile society progress but is more “ecocentric” (people oriented) than technological. Users’ skills and expertise such as team work, cooperation within de-territorised research communities, etc. come to the fore. 
    Keywords: information society, mobile technologies, Internet, knowledge, social networks
    Anastasiya O. Alekseeva (Folts) 8
  • New Media

    «Comparative analysis of Internet diffusion in Russia and some European countries »

    Using innovation diffusion models we compare Internet penetration in Russia and some European countries within several age groups. High penetration level can be achieved if Internet is popular among senior citizens. Because their incomes in Russia are relatively low, access price reduction as well as additional educational efforts are required.
    Keywords: innovation diffusion, Internet use, quantitative models
    Leonid L. Delitsyn 23
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Edward Bernays school and Ivy Lee school, or new times’ rules »

    The author deals with two great PR-schools of Edward Bernays (so called “pro­paganda”) and Ivy Lee (“to tell the truth”) and how they realize their principals in Internet and new media. New information environment enables both schools to be effective in Web. Compromising information is easy to flow in Internet thanks to anonymity but Ivy Lee’s methods are more powerful in a long-term perspective. And even new information game is just beginning we hope that communication could be positive and useful.
    Keywords: PR, Internet, new media, public opinion, communication
    Ivan I. Zassoursky 40
  • New Media

    «Management of game communicative fields: new paradigms for new media »

    The author analyses how media management should be transformed in the view of new technological and cultural challenges. The research is made on the basis of the vision that communication process can be seen as a social and cultural game and that a customer is moving from the position of the spectator towards one of the player. <br> <br>
    Keywords: game cultures, communication space, media management, new media, interactivity
    Murad A.G. 47
  • «Infogrphics: principals of visual journalism »

    The author researches the genesis and the transformation of the information graphics from the print to the Web-graphic. The article presents creative and production methodology of the journalist’s visual texts.
    Keywords: infographics, signs, pictograms, data graphics, digital diagrams, new media, traditional media, visual communications, visual text, visual languages
    Svyatoslav E. Neklyaev 53
  • Education in Journalism

    «New ICT in media education in schools »

    This article contemplates on preconditions of the resort to internet technologies in the secondary school, considering media education: maturing of the school student’s culture and knowledge of using the modern information and communication technologies, especially in early special education. Also we declare some problems according to methods of education; describe the researches we’ve been holding for the study guide “Media education in secondary school: school’s Internet portal”; note some important recommended practice from this study guide and suggest the perspectives of the future researches in this field.
    Keywords: ICT, media education, school website
    Ilya V. Stechkin, Daria A. Olerinskaya 67
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Internet communication and tendencies of transformation of PR system »

    In the article Internet communication characteristics are investigated. The author ascertains that Internet communication is a new object in the theory of public relations and enters system of definitions and classification of net communications, comes to a conclusion about development of the Internet communication and public relations as a system from manipulative to collaborative paradigm.
    Keywords: Public Relations system, Internet communication, multi-subject model, subject-to-subject model, collaboration
    Marina G. Shilina 81
  • New Media

    «Media convergence through the eyes of russian journalists-experts »

    20 persons — mainly web-editors of popular editions, business, politics and specialized newspapers from 17 Russian publishing houses and from RIA news agen­cy — have taken part in the expert survey. The results of survey ware carried out during Summer 2009. The survey results reported in this article indicate the develop­ment of media convergence process in Russia.
    Keywords: media convergence process, media integration, multimedia, web-department
    Ekaterina A. Baranova 91
  • «Hybrid media: the role of video in new media »

    The author investigates the transformation of video content on the Web, the use of this content in online versions of traditional media, examines the history of videos on newspapers, radio and news agencies web- portals, their great diversity and development trends.
    Keywords: video, new media, traditional media
    Ludmila A. Kruglova 101
  • «Blogosphere: traditional vs non-traditional media »

    This article discusses blogs as a fundamentally new means of communication network competing with traditional media. Comparison of blogs with traditional media makes it possible to identify not only the existing principal similarities and differences, but also classify as fully as possible their key features. Thesis analyzed the benefits of blogs over traditional media and the dangers that a lack of entry barriers in the dissemination of information through blog.
    Keywords: media, blogosphere, Lassuel, mass communication, mass media
    Maria M. Panusheva 106
  • «New game format or new genre of political journalism? »

    The paper discusses the game approach to working with reporter's information. Using a video game as an example, the author analyses a new format of game modeling of reality and investigates the publicistic potential of the video game technology as a new method of creative journalism.
    Keywords: genres, game, political journalism, interactivity, virtuality
    Viktor A. Savitsky 123
  • «E-government – perspectives of introduction of new communication services »

    The author considers functioning principles and introduction of Electronic government system in the modern society of Russia on an example of a portal of the state services (, and other information-communication state projects. There basic advantages and potential disadvantages of functioning of the system electronic government are marked.
    Keywords: network, Internet, electronic government, state, information- communication networks, information service
    Rozhkov V.Yu. 134
  • History of Journalism

    «Coverage of Russia’s major economic problems by Vestnik Promyshlennosty magazine (1858-1861) »

    The author investigates a problematics of The industry bulletin, specialized economic magazine of the mid XIXth century. The basic topics reflected in magazine are revealed, their interrelation with economic development of Russia during the specified period is analyzed.
    Keywords: the serfdom, the industry, trade, railways, a technical education, credit and monetary systems
    Irina A. Surnina 141
  • «The history of pre-october Russian journalism in foreign studies »

    The article is concerned with a series of books and articles written by western researches and dedicated to the history of Russian journalism in pre-October era. Nearly all of them had not been translated into Russian up to this time. The author shows actual and original views on the subject, and offers some general and methodical aspects of studying history of Russian journalism which may be interesting for our scientists.
    Keywords: history of Russian Journalism, pre-October period, foreign researches
    Tatiana S. Rodionova 150
  • «Twenty years later, or “Listen to the radio, everything else is an illusion!” »

    This article illustrates 20 year history of radio “Echo of Moscow” (Ekho Moskvy), a leader in the broadcast. It provides a thorough analysis of the main programs. A particular attention is paid to the Echo’s Internet site as a multimedia portal.
    Keywords: radio, radio station, “Echo of Moscow” (Ekho Moskvy), radio programs, audience, interactivity, site, multi-media
    Ekaterina A. Bolotova, Lyudmila D. Bolotova 163
  • Media Economics

    «Business modeling in media: understanding the method »

    The basic topics of the article are technology of creation of mass-media enterprise in Russia on the basis of a business modeling method, its organic communication with the journalism theory, its methodological bases, techniques of modern management of the organization is shown.
    Keywords: the enterprise of mass media, a business modeling method, integrated business process, the journalism theory, methodology, procedures of regular management, “pilot”
    Valeriy L. Ivanitskiy 180
  • «Classification of advertising in print media »

    Attempts of classification of advertising in print -media were undertaken repeatedly, but till now is not developed a uniform criteria. In this article the author offers the structural approach to advertising classification in newspapers and magazines. These are advertising kinds, advertising genres and also the technical characteristics connected with a place of placing of advertising in number. The most widespread genre — an advertising collage — is discussed in details.
    Keywords: advertising kinds, advertising genres, an advertising collage, advertising classification
    Galina G. Shchepilova 188
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Communication strategies: media and business interaction in social projects»

    Author investigates communicative strategies, the interaction type of mass media and business in social projects realization. The corporate sector and media methods and forms of cooperation are described. Features of journalism as information channel distributing and popularizing the corporate social responsibility idea are considered.
    Keywords: communicative strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility, social projects
    Nataliya Yu. Savostina 200
  • «Communication strategy in PR: brand, image, reputation »

    The article is connected with the problem of the definition of the concepts of brand, image and reputation, as well as their complex interactions for the realiza­tion of communication strategy.
    Keywords: brand, image, reputation, reputation management
    Viktoriya L. Mikhalchenko 207
  • «National identity as country’s image component »

    The article reviews different identity and nation definitions. The issues under discussion include national identity concept, its structure and the ways of identification. Special attention is paid to national identity importance for country image communication.
    Keywords: country image, identity, nation, national identity
    Ekaterina A. Toropova 219
  • Discussion

    «Biography method in modern glossy magazines »

    The main topic of this article is modern magazines specializing in biographies of famous people. The author notes general tendencies of this segment of the market of the press and characteristics of certain periodicals. Also there is description of the biographical method: its history of development and its application in the science and journalism. In addition the author analyzes main biographical sources and different ways of creation of biographies. <br> <br>
    Keywords: biography, magazine, famous people, method
    Lyudmila M. Grigoryeva 231
  • Criticism and Bibliography

    «New Reading of Forsskal's Works»

    Peter Forsskal. Tankar om borgerliga frihetem. Originalmanuskriptet med bakgrundsteckning. (Peter Forsskal. Thoughts on Civil Liberty. Translation of the original manuscript with background.) — Stockholm: Atlantis, 2009. — 40 p.
    Keywords: Forsskal
    Elena A. Sherstoboeva 243
  • «British View on Media Law Basics»

    Media Law and Practice / ed. by Dabid Goldberg, Gavin Sutter and Ian Walden. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. 566 p.
    Keywords: Media Law Basics, British view
    Andrey G. Richter 246