About the journal

The journal Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya 10. Zhurnalistika is the oldest scientific publication of the Russian Federation, dedicated to the media, mass communication and publicism. 

The history of the journal dates back to 1946, and in 1976 the journal received its current name – Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriya 10. Zhurnalistika.  

The publication aims at creating a high-grade informational platform, providing both domestic and foreign academic communities, the media industry as well as students at various levels (postgraduate and degree-seeking students, master and bachelor students, etc.) with the results of in-depth theoretical and empirical analysis of the issues related to the sphere of media.

The objectives of the publication are: 
- attracting leading experts (researches, practitioners of the media industry) to publish the latest results of their theoretical and empirical research in the fields of media, journalism and mass communication;
- selection of the best scientific materials through thorough peer review;
- dissemination of scientific information through a variety of channels.  

The mission of the journal is to raise the level of academic discourse devoted to the problems of mass media by publishing the best scientific articles of domestic and foreign authors. 

The target audience of the journal consists of domestic and foreign researches involved in the research of media and journalism in academic institutions; practitioners representing media industry (managers, researchers, corporate employees, etc.); students of different levels; a wide range of intellectuals interested in obtaining scientific information about media and journalism. 

Periodicity – 6 times a year.   

Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta.Seriya 10. Zhurnalistika is a peer-reviewed publication which promotes the publication of papers that represent the results of an independent study organized and conducted in the framework of the scientific approach. Therefore, the journal attracts leading experts in relevant fields for the expertise of materials. The strict selection process of articles guarantees the scientific value, novelty and relevance of articles published.   

Subjects of the articles – issues of journalism, mass media and mass communication. In particular, the journal welcomes the appearance of articles on the theory of journalism and mass media, sociology of journalism, media economics, problems of the periodical press, new media, television and radio; advertising and public relations, media language, media law, journalistic education as well as critical materials.  

Languages of the articles: Russian and English.  

The founder of the journal is the leading university of the Russian Federation - Lomonosov Moscow State University.  

The publisher of the journal is Moscow University Press.

The journal is included into the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, the where the main scientific results of theses for a Candidate Degree and for a Higher Doctorate of Higher Attestation Commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation must be published. 

The journal is indexed in the Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index). 

The journal is available in the Scopus database.

The journal is integrated into the database of the best Russian journals RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), basing on the Web of Science platform.  

The full text of the journal can be found in the EBSCO Publishing company databases on the EBSCOhost platform.

The journal is included in the system of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). 
Subject: Mass Communication. Journalism. Mass Media. 

In the case of reproduction, a reference to the journal is obligatory.  

The journal is currently archived in CyberLeninka and eLibrary.ru

Open Access Policy

In accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) principles all the articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Authors retain their copyright.

No subscription is needed to access the articles; authors are not charged for publication in the journal, and the journal does not request any submission fee nor any article processing fee.