Edward Bernays school and Ivy Lee school, or new times’ rules

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Ivan I. Zassoursky

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Head at the Chair of New Media and Communication Theory, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: zassoursky@gmail.com

Section: Advertising and Public Relations

The author deals with two great PR-schools of Edward Bernays (so called “pro­paganda”) and Ivy Lee (“to tell the truth”) and how they realize their principals in Internet and new media. New information environment enables both schools to be effective in Web. Compromising information is easy to flow in Internet thanks to anonymity but Ivy Lee’s methods are more powerful in a long-term perspective. And even new information game is just beginning we hope that communication could be positive and useful.

Keywords: PR, Internet, new media, public opinion, communication