№ 3 ' 2015


  • Sociology of Journalism

    «The Specifics of Argumentation in Mass Communication Texts: The Results of Structural and Content Analysis»

    The paper — in continuation of previously published articles — presents the em­pirical findings of the mass communication texts’ analysis focused on structural and semantic aspects of argumentation of Russian Internet users. The authors came to the conclusion of the prevalence of emotional arguments over the rational ones. The analysis confirmed the affective consciousness determinism, which brings more light to the nature of the phenomenon of mass consciousness logical inconsistency that occurs at the logical level as a consequence of the processes of the emotional nature. The authors emphasize the importance of longitudinal studies in order to examine the impact of political, social and other factors on the proportions of logical and emotional in mass consciousness.
    Keywords: online communication, argumentation, causal relationships, mass consciousness, logical inconsistency
    Maria E. Anikina, Viktor M. Khroul 3
  • «The Specifics of Women’s Work in Hot Spots: Studying Russian and Foreign Reporters’ Experience»

    The basis of this publication is the research conducted by the author among Russian and foreign female journalists who had covered the military conflicts. The reasons that encouraged journalists to agree to dangerous assignments have been analyzed in the article. The author paid the attention to the influence of work in “hot spots" on journalists’ professional and personal qualities. Also the respondents have named the difficulties of covering military conflicts and have given the exam­ples of gender discrimination.
    Keywords: war, military journalism, “hot spots", gender, posttraumatic stress disorder, International humanitarian law
    Daria V. Sokolova 24
  • Media Economics

    «Newsroom Economics (Results of the Poll of Editors and Reporters in Middle and Small Russian Towns’ Newspapers)»

    The article presents the results of the study of newspapers of medium and small cities in Russia conducted at the Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The authors analyze data obtained from the survey of editors and journalists on economic status of the newsrooms, sources of income, mass media promotion. The article identifies the reasons of the economic difficulties in the newsrooms and suggests measures to improve the financial situation of newsrooms.
    Keywords: local press, the newspaper of medium and small towns, newsroom economics, newsroom sources of income, mass media promotion
    Luiza G. Svitich, Olga V. Smirnova, Andrei V. Vyrkovsky 46
  • «Indices of the Level of Concentration in the Russian Media Industry: The Problems of Measurement »

    The paper presents the results of a research into the possibility of using the CR4, HHI and MOCDI indices for assessing the level of concentration in the Russian media industry. It examines a set of legal problems hindering the systematic formalized measurement of the given level and considers the specific nature of calculating the concentration indices in the context of low transparency of the Russian media busi­ness. As a basic case, the author selected the segment of Russian federal television.
    Keywords: media industry, segment, concentration, index, statistics, revenues, federal television channel, media holding
    Sergey S. Smirnov 66
  • Media Language

    «Linguistic Means and Ways of Attracting Viewers’ Attention to the News (Based on CNN Opens and Teases)»

    The article presents a study of opens and teases as the mechanism of attracting viewers’ attention to the news product. Analyzing CNN opens and teases the author unveils specific linguistic means and ways that amplify the persuasive power of these media texts and help promote the coverage.
    Keywords: tease, open, attracting viewer’s attention, linguistic means and ways
    Karine V. Chobanyan 80
  • History of Journalism

    ««In the Newspapers There is Block, Block, Block…» I.A. Bunin’s reaction to the Death of A.A. Block»

    In the article we examine I.A. Bunin’s “note" “The Music” (1921) which has been still unknown. This “note" was written under the impression of A.A. Block’s death. Bunin's attitude towards Block in the “note" absolutely contradicted what emigrant press was writing. Obviously this is the reason why “The Music” wasn’t published though it had to be printed in the newspaper “The Common Cause” (Paris). Now the manuscript of Bunin’s “note” is kept in VI. Burtsev’s personal fund in State Archives of Russian Federation.
    Keywords: I A. Bunin, A.A. Block, “The Music”, the Revolution, the emigrant press
    Anton V. Bakuntsev 100
  • «I.S. Naimsky and Russian Military Propaganda in the Foreign Press (1915-1917)»

    The article deals with the military propaganda activities of Russian journalist from Warsaw, Joseph-Sigismund Aleksandrovich Naimsky, during World War One. In 1915 he became a founder of an unofficial «North and South» Telegraph Agency. It began to disseminate Russian propaganda in neutral and allied countries. The article is written primarily on the base of archive documents from the Russian archive of military history (RGVIA).
    Keywords: World War One, Russian propaganda, Telegraph Agency «North and South», J.-S. Naimsky
    Ivan V. Obedkov 115
  • «Literary and Critical Activity of E.L. Yantarev in “The Moskovskaya Gazeta” (1911—1915)»

    The article is devoted to the work of the poet and journalist Yefim Yantarev as the correspondent of «The Moskovskaya Gazeta» (1911—1915), the main accent is put on his attempts to use the newspaper pages for promoting those writers who were close to him (mostly grouping around «The Grif» publishing house).
    Keywords: the history of Moscow newspapers, the history of Russian yellow press, biographical studies, symbolism
    Mikhail Y. Edelshtein 131