№ 1 ' 2013


  • Editorial

    «American Dream on the Eve of 2013»

    Keywords: American Dream, editorial
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 4
  • Sociology of Journalism

    «Attributes of God in Audience Consciousness: Analyzing Text of Mass Self-Expression»

    Based on mass self-communication analysis paper describes the religious segment of the mass media audience consciousness. Author proposes new object for audience research — Interne mass self-expression texts — and uses for the analysis Boris Grushin’s method MATEMC as an effective tool for investigating the essential characteristics of religious mass consciousness.
    Keywords: media audience consciousness, mass self-communication, mass self-expression, attributes of God, Grushin
    Viktor M. Khroul 9
  • Media Economics

    «Media House. Extension of Concept of Information Interaction with Local Community»

    The article is devoted to the problems of transformation of traditional media in the changing paradigm of mass media communications. The author investigates the innovative concept of informational interaction with the local community based on the example of the media holding “Altapress ”, the strategy of transformation of the publishing house to the media house on this basis and theoretically justifies the practical steps for its implementation.
    Keywords: media house, transformation of traditional mass media, media consumption, paradigm of mass media communications, convergence, concept of informational interaction with the local community
    Yuriy P. Purgin 29
  • Discussion

    «New Forms of Journalism in Cooperation with Civil Society»

    This article is devoted to the selection, nomination and typology of trends in the modem foreign and domestic journalism, such us citizen journalism, civic journalism, community journalism, guerilla journalism, collaborative journalism. It fixes and analyzes the specificity of these trends, makes their typology in connection with such criterion as rising/falling of the audience activity in the process of selection, producing and commenting of news, on the basis of mass media/participation media antinomy.
    Keywords: citizen, civic, community, guerilla, collaborative journalism
    Alexey V. Pustovalov , Berezina I.A. 40
  • «Public Relations in the System of Public Diplomacy»

    The author explores the relationship between public relations and public diplo­macy. As part of the work deals with the history of these two disciplines over the past 20 years. The analysis of the new public diplomacy and its differences from the propaganda. In conclusion, the author concludes that the impact of PR on the changes to public diplomacy in the period under review, a significant impact on this area of international relations.
    Keywords: public relations, new public diplomacy, relationship management
    Natalya A. Kontsevaya 52
  • « International Broadcasting under Current Global Informational Processes»

    The article is focused on the changes of global trends of the information market’s developing and transformation of the communication strategy of the oldest US international broadcaster “Voice of America”. Informational activities of the leading countries are analyzed. The impact of new information communication technologies on the international broadcasting is researched.
    Keywords: international broadcasting, global information market, new ICT, VOA
    Nikolay A. Zykov 65
  • «Imitation Strategy in the Development of the Design of Kazakhstan’s Business Magazines»

    The article analyzes the peculiarities of formation such business magazine periodicals design in Kazakhstan, as an imitation strategy of successful design of foreign counterparts. The main factors that have played in favor of borrowing and as examples of successful implementation of the imitation strategy, magazines as “Continen I", “Lichnye Dengi”, “VOX POPULI" (intentions of borrowing, methods and results is studied) are considered. Adoption of the Western and Russian media experience is a powerful momentum for the improvement of Kazakh magazines. In the light of absence of traditions of artistic design of business journals, imitation strategy of successful international design prototypes, selected by publishing pioneers were a legitimate evolutionary stage and played an important role in the development of own business magazines and in publishers understandings of the principles of good design, used by foreign colleagues.
    Keywords: business media in Kazakhstan, design, imitation strategy
    Ospan Bibigul Samatkyzy 77
  • Criticism and Bibliography

    «Informational Environment of Polish Media»

    Keywords: Polish media, informational environment, review
    Valentina G. Kulpina , Viktor A. Tatarinov 87