№ 1 ' 2014


  • Editorial

    «Editorial: Internet-portal Changes in Washington Newspapers’ World»

    Keywords: Amazon, Internet-portal, Editorial
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 3
  • Sociology of Journalism

    «Factors of Commercial Mass Media Audience Design»

    Author using an interdisciplinary approach analyzes prerequisites that leads to the artificial formation audiences by mass media.
    Keywords: formation of the media audience, unification of mass media content, mass media advertising, mass media research
    Shevchenko T.S. 6
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Modern Press: A Field of Notion and Terms»

    The article is devoted to consideration of key concepts and terms related to journalism: journalism, media, press, mass communication. Discusses the factors of development of society, science and the mass media, which lead to change and clarify terms and concepts related to journalism.
    Keywords: journalism, current affairs, periodical press, media, mass communication
    Luiza G. Svitich 20
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Public Relations: the Problem of Scope Defining»

    The results of the study of basic concepts of public relations demonstrate relevant conceptual and categorical apparatus corresponding to the realities of the latest theory and practice realities.
    Keywords: public relations, activity, social institution, scientific knowledge, function, model of communication, public discourse
    Vladimir M. Gorokhov, Marina G. Shilina 35
  • History of Journalism

    «Depths of the Psyche and Mystery of Personality Split in the Novels by E.T.A. Hoffmann and H. Hesse»

    This article devoted to comparative studies two novels: «Die Elixiere des Teufels» by E. T.A. Hoffmann and «Der Steppenwolf» by H. Hesse. There is a set of a typo­logical convergence between them at the level of a plot, poetics and in using of archetypes. This investigation demonstrated many interesting examples of relation­ship of romanticism and modernism.
    Keywords: psychologism, doubles, archetypes, E. T.A. Hoffmann, H. Hesse
    Elena N. Kornilova 46
  • «Income and Expenses of Employees in Soviet Press in 1925 (the Wage Policy)»

    The article examines the research of the budget of the Soviet press workers. This research was published in 1925. The conditions of life, the structure of incomes and expenditures, the problems in the sphere of remuneration of labor are also considered in the article.
    Keywords: the history of the USSR, the history of Soviet media, the budget of the Soviet press workers in 1925
    Olga D. Minaeva 56
  • Media Language

    «Compositional Features of Rewritten News Items (on the Basis of Materials of and in 2000—2012)»

    Results of research of composition of rewriter’s news messages of two Internet agencies are presented in article: and The special attention is paid to a phenomenon of «lasting», repeatedly edited messages. Specifics of modem news Internet materials is revealed: impossibility to provide observance of require­ments to their composition with traditional methods. Taking into account this specifics the new technique of formation of composition of rewritwer’s Internet messages is offered.
    Keywords: news agency, news message, composition, rewriting, editing
    Olga R. Laschuk 69
  • «Symbolics of Colors and Functioning of Color Designation in Mass Media Political Discourse»

    The article deals with connection between general cultural meanings of color and meanings that color words acquire in political texts. The regularity of functioning of designation of color in such kind of texts is analyzed.
    Keywords: designation of color, semantic field, integration function, differentiation function, construction of myth, sacralization, desacralization
    Vera N. Suzdaltseva 81
  • Media Law

    «Copyright Law of Photojournalist: Legislation and Practice»

    The article is devoted to the problems of copyright on photo works. The research highlights key legislation provisions regarding photo works, inviolability of commu­nication works, and protection of the person’s image. The article highlights the copy­right problems of Russian online mass media. The author raises questions, which are topical not only for the journalism community, but also for all copyright holders and licensees.
    Keywords: copyright, photo, usage of works, right on an image, work for hire
    Ivan A. Pankeev 97
  • Discussion

    «“Memorandum of Understanding” or the Scenario for the 2012 American Presidential Debates»

    Memorandum of Understanding regulates almost every aspect of the American presidential debates. A confidential agreement between two presidential candidates and the Committee for the Presidential Debates, the memorandum concerns the conditions of presidential debates production, controls candidates’ discussion during the debates and provides a script for the national political agenda. Starting in 1987 the Memorandum of Understanding kept secrets of the American political theater until 2012 when the memorandum was leaked to the public in the political blog “ The Page”. The document unveils changes that the American political system underwent during the past 25 years.
    Keywords: Memorandum of Understanding, American presidential election 2012, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, presidential debates
    Anna V. Severse 106