№ 5 ' 2012


  • Editorial

    «New Version of Public Television in Russia»

    Keywords: Public television, Russia, editorial
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 4
  • Foreign Journalism

    «Media Industries in Europe: Modern Challenges»

    This article examines some aspects of the major media markets in Europe through the prism of general trends, they unite. The author conducts her analysis in the context of the dominant conceptual frameworks and theoretical approaches to the analysis of the media industry, known in the Western academic literature and scientific media studies discourse; and draws attention to the development process of commercialization, convergence and globalization in the media industries, suggests a classification of media industries and focuses on the challenges that are relevant to the contemporary European media industries at present moment.
    Keywords: media industries, public service broadcasting, commercialization, media ownership, media corporations
    Elena L. Vartanova 12
  • Media Economics

    «Convergence in Russian Daily Press: Economic Effects and Perspectives»

    The article contains conclusions and analysis of data collected during first stage of studying of influence of convergence on economics, financial performance and management of Russian daily newspapers. Results revealed that contribution from convergent, mostly online products and services to revenues and profits of the daily press remains evidently minimal. Income from convergent projects still is not enough and won’t be enough in near perspective to let dailies establish internet newsgathering operations as independent enterprises or cease print versions as a cost cutting measure. However there is apparent distinction in the level of economic return from convergence between two clusters of publications — those from two capitals (Moscow and Saint-Petersurg) and regional dailies.
    Keywords: convergence, daily newspaper, press economics, investments, profit
    Andrei V. Vyrkovsky, Mikhail I. Makeenko 36
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Journalistic Text as an Operational Knowledge»

    The article proposes the reader to pay attention to the particularities of the jour­nalistic text, which allow it to maintain its importance under the conditions of the emerging sphere competitive for the mass media. Regarding to the journalistic text as knowledge for operative purposes which is needed for people and the society, the author points at the differences of this knowledge from the scientific one, from opinions and social media texts. The article determines the role of professional journalism in the mass media system and its competitive advantages in comparison to the creators of user generated content.
    Keywords: journalistic text, knowledge, opinion, mass media, professional journalism
    Galina V. Lazutina 50
  • «Media and Religion: Searching for Integral Approach»

    Author analysеs the international academic discourse on media and religion, describes the existing paradigms and examines the possibility of the integrated approach in this field. Particular attention is paid to the mediatization of religion. Author calls scholars to focus on religion mediatization process in Russian context of increasing interest to the religious issues in public sphere.
    Keywords: mass media, religion, research paradigms, mediatization
    Viktor M. Khroul 60
  • History of Journalism

    «Literature, Journalism, Philology: The Fields of Interaction»

    Literature and journalism have much in common being both types of creative activities and cooperate in many ways which have not been studied yet. Exceptional connection of journalism, literature and philology as a specific feature of Russian culture is shown in this paper on the material of the XIX—XX centuries.
    Keywords: literature, journalism, philology, literary criticism, literary reputation
    Ekaterina I. Orlova 77
  • «The “Women’s Union” Magazine and Struggle for Women’s Equality in Russia (1907—1908)»

    The subject of the article is the history and the analysis of the content of the Russian magazine “The Women’s Union” (1907—1908).
    Keywords: the history of the women’s movement in Russia, the Russian history of journalism, the history of Russian parties
    Olga D. Minaeva 86
  • Media Language

    «The Concepts of Receptive Aesthetics in Interpretive Paradigm of Media Text»

    Author explores the main concept of receptive aesthetics as free interpretation of literary writing, which helps to create an ideal reader image. Reception of media text is main factor of communication between an author and a reader. In the assumption of these definitions the basic problems of that act of communication are formed.
    Keywords: receptive aesthetics, author, communicator, media text
    Kozhanova V.Yu. 97
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Textogenika as a Factor of Transformation of Communication in XXI Century»

    The analysis of the realities of discourse has identified “textogennost” as an es­sential characteristic of it. Thus, the effectiveness of its development is determined by the efficiency of interaction of texts and the communicants, by philological mea­suring the effectiveness of social development. A philological component of textogennost’ is an essential element of the theoreti­cal concepts and practices of professional communication, such as Public Relations, media. Internet plays the key role in those processes.
    Keywords: information, communication, infosphere, text, textogennost’, tekstogenika, Internet communication, hypertext, “pismorech”, technology, media, Public Relations
    Marina G. Shilina 108
  • Discussion

    «Images of the Pope and Vatican in Italian and British Press»

    The paper focuses on the media image of Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI as pre­sented by publication of Italian (“Il Giornale” and “La Repubblica”) and British (“The Times” and “The Guardian”) newspapers. Content-analysis was chosen as a research method. It was applied to articles covering the papal visit to Great Britain in September, 2010. The set of articles under consideration was divided into three groups: “Religious climate of Great Britain”, “Religion as a part of popular culture” and “Vatican as a State and Pope’s personality”. The paper compares British and Italian views on the Holy See and the Pope, lining out differences between those two. An attempt of demonstration of “Ratzinger effect” is also presented.
    Keywords: Benedict XVI, Vatican, Catholicism, Christianity, Ratzinger effect
    Daria A. Klimenko 118
  • «Charity Funds’ Coverage in Russian Media»

    The article discusses the practice of reflection of charity foundations in the Rus­sian media. This article is based on data from the study «Lighting of institutional philanthropy in the Russian mass media», conducted by the Moscow State Universi­ty, Faculty of journalism Research group in May—September 2011 (commissioned by Russian Donors Forum). The urgency of research due to the rapid development of the practice of charity in Russia and the leading role in this process of professional participants of charitable activities — non-profit organizations. Media-image com­ponents of the charity foundations identified by the study — subjects of publications, their language, genres, key messages, the estimated context — allow to draw conclu­sions: the problems of institutional philanthropy continues to assert itself in the Rus­sian media space, increasing in quantity, but so far remained at the initial level of accumulation of information.
    Keywords: charity, philanthropy, charity foundation, institutional philanthropy, coverage of philanthropy in the media, aid funds, content analysis of media
    Elena V. Temicheva 134
  • Criticism and Bibliography

    «Is Media Influence on Public Consciousness Destructive?»

    Keywords: media, public consciousness, review
    Pavlova E.D. 146
  • Materials, Documents, Publications

    «To the 75 th Anniversary of Y.M. Vlasov»

    Keywords: Y.M. Vlasov, journalist
    Likhachev K.G. 149