№ 4 ' 2011


  • Editorial

    «The New Dynamics for Newspaper Development»

    Keywords: Newspaper, develpment, dynamics
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 5
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Digital Television and Media Systems’ Transformation. On the Necessity of Inter-Disciplinary Approaches to Modern TV Studies»

    In this article author suggests an interdisciplinary approach to study digital television. The current trends in media systems and TV in particular obviously are connected with the digital revolution. But digital technologies change the main functions of television — to inform, to educate, to entertain — in complex. Consequently it becomes important to research television not only in terms of the concept of technological determinism, but also involving approaches from political economy, sociology and anthropology, media economics and cultural studies.
    Keywords: digital revolution, technological determinism, nation-state, life style, brand
    Elena L. Vartanova 6
  • «Approaching the Media Theories’ Classifications»

    The author of this article is suggesting to separate two main ways of mass media theories classification — according to the sphere of social/private life and according to the element of mass communication process as the object of scientific consideration. It is providing a possibility to indicate the universal way for classification of theories in the article as well.
    Keywords: mass media theory, journalism theory, classification of mass media theories
    Denis V. Dunas 27
  • «Culturological Methods of Journalism Research»

    This article is about the usage of culturological methods in journalism researches in general and in television journalism researches in particular. The author analyses the content of contemporary Russian television and proposes the new approach to the typology of the modern TV programs, based on the ideas of culture experts and sociologists.
    Keywords: television science, journalism, cultural anthropology, show, typology
    Anna A. Novikova 42
  • Sociology of Journalism

    «Media Audience Consciousness as an Object of Inter-Disciplinary Research: Revival of the Grushin Project»

    Author analyzes methodological aspects of media audience consciousness research and draws attention to interdisciplinary approach in this field, known as “Grushin project”. The proposed method of the audience research by analyzing self­expression texts has been already proved in several surveys and brought valid results.
    Keywords: audience consciousness, self-expression texts, interdisciplinary approach, Grushin
    Viktor M. Khroul 59
  • «Journalist and Sociologist: Ways of Collaboration and Specifics of Professional Training»

    The article deals with the results of complex longitudinal study of sociological information representation in Russian media conducted in 2006—2010. The essence and problems of public sociology widely discussed both in Western and Russian scholar community, the peculiarities of the popularization of scientific knowledge, the competency and professional education of journalists were analyzed on the base of obtained results. The ways of further development are presented, the existing opportunities of professional improvements for journalist are describes, the sources for establishing of relations between sociologists and journalists are named.
    Keywords: public sociology, sociological information in mass media, sociological culture of journalists, collaboration between sociologists and journalists, professional competences of journalists
    Maria E. Anikina 69
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Corporate Public Relations: Inter-Disciplinary Approach»

    Author analyses components of PR activities which reflect actual social trends and lines of development of the media sphere.
    Keywords: corporation, corporate, subculture, informational agenda, intergroup communication
    Vera A. Tkachenko 79
  • Television and Radio

    «Spatial Organization of Television Broadcasting in the Context of Regional Development»

    The author examines the role of television in the construction areas and other imagined communities, offers a new typological approaches to the television channels definitions. The article analyzes the existing and possible classification of media coverage areas. This material may be of interest to journalists, researchers of the federal, regional and local television stations.
    Keywords: television, territory, broadcaster, region, typology
    Yuri M. Ershov 87
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Economic Journalism in Mass Communication»

    In the article the author concretized the concept of economic journalism, is determined by its place in the knowledge system. She examines the relationship of economic journalism with other sciences. It is proved that the theory of mass communication is the foundation for the economic journalism.
    Keywords: economic journalism, economic mass communication
    Irina N. Demina 101
  • Sociology of Journalism

    «Advantages and Disadvantages of Mediatization of the Legal Life»

    The article is devoted to the problem of public presentation of legal life as influence of information and interaction of legal and mass media sphere. The author analyzes legal culture’s dependence on its reflection and interpretation in mass- media, and notes positive and negative aspects of mediatization of the society’s political and legal life. The article analyzes the role of mass-media in the process of legal socialization of the self. The participation of journalism in the process is estimated with due regard for the functions of mass media and real practice of national and regional press.
    Keywords: mass media, legal life, mediatization, legal culture, legal socialization of the self
    Olga V. Tretyakova 111
  • «The Discourse on Disability Topics in Russian General News Publications»

    The article contains results of the research on disability discourses in national press of Russia having regard to their typological differences in reach, subjects, periodicity. In the article disability mediaimages and contexts are reflected; resemblances and differences of the discourses are shown. Dominating discourses are united under common term “the ableism” and theoretical basis of disability media coverage is defined.
    Keywords: disability, discourse, social problems, ableism
    Alyona A. Ryabova 127
  • Foreign Journalism

    «Austrian Media Market during the Financial and the Economic Crisis of 2008—2010»

    The author undertakes the analysis of the Austrian media market situation in the period of the financial and economic crisis of 2008—2010. The trends of the media development in Austria are overviewed and examined. Both, the television market and the print media sector are included into the article scope.
    Keywords: media market, Austrian media, financial and economic crisis
    Irina L. Tredler 144
  • «Market Economy as a Driver of Development of Corporate Press in Tajikistan»

    The article is denoted study and analysis of the interaction of market economies in custom press in Tajikistan. In particular, problems custom press are studied in article as about the source of reliable information on the world of the business, issue of the custom publishing by autsorsing method and about state directed politician for the reason making the new model of the economy of the country. Given subject is absolutely new in Tajik journalism. <br>
    Keywords: Tajikistan, custom publishing, market economic, outsourcing
    Khamidov I.I. 155