Advantages and Disadvantages of Mediatization of the Legal Life

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Olga V. Tretyakova

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Heat the Chair of Journalism, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia


Section: Sociology of Journalism

The article is devoted to the problem of public presentation of legal life as influence of information and interaction of legal and mass media sphere. The author analyzes legal culture’s dependence on its reflection and interpretation in mass- media, and notes positive and negative aspects of mediatization of the society’s political and legal life. The article analyzes the role of mass-media in the process of legal socialization of the self. The participation of journalism in the process is estimated with due regard for the functions of mass media and real practice of national and regional press.

Keywords: mass media, legal life, mediatization, legal culture, legal socialization of the self