№ 6 ' 2014


  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «The Newsroom Autonomy: Foreign Concepts and Reality»

    The article aims to analyze the concept of the newsroom autonomy as a part of the journalistic professionalism in the context of modern theoretical approaches and distinguishes major external and internal pressures on the newsroom routines and professional practices of journalists. The article focuses on the conflict between the normative approaches to the journalists’ autonomy and realities of contemporary media industries in Europe.
    Keywords: journalism, newsroom autonomy, media industry, politics, media technologies, professional standards
    Elena L. Vartanova 4
  • «Media and Postmodernist Mental Model of Contemporary Culture»

    The article reveals the peculiarities of post-modern mental model that currently dominates in various spheres of social and individual consciousness, resonating in all forms of activities, including modern media industry. Implementing of the over­view of different postmodernistic mass-media concepts, the author manifests the postmodern mental model of activity of nowadays media and new electronic media, considering in them a continuation of the long tradition of “escape from reality”. Giving assessment to such processes, the author suggests that the postmodern phe­nomenon of the inward portrayed “implosion” is able to answer the challenges of our time.
    Keywords: mental model, irrealism, hoax of the reality, collage ridicule, hiperreal mediaimage
    Amkuab (Mikvabia) G.A. 21
  • Media Economics

    «Economy of the Russian Paid TV Channels: Model of Functioning in the Context of Domestic and Global Media Industry Development»

    The article contains the result of the research and analysis of key elements of economic models of non-broadcast channels on Russian media market. The re­search is based on data collected by Lomonosov MSU specialists through polling and expert interviewing of representatives of TV channels and pay TV operators. The analysis resulted in an original classification of the groups of channels based on their economic models, bargaining positions in their business relations with opera­tors and gross market shares. The results were also used for the comparative analy­sis of dominant schemes and mechanisms of functioning of pay TV industries in Russia and major foreign media markets.
    Keywords: pay TV channels, pay TV, TV channel economy, classification, media market
    Andrei V. Vyrkovsky, Mikhail I. Makeenko, Alexandra D. Vankova 36
  • Periodical Press

    «Newspapers of Middle and Small Russian Towns in 2010s»

    The article presents the results of a study of newspapers and small and medium­sized cities in Russia. Analyzed data obtained from a survey of editors and journalists on a wide range of issues: features, content structure, genre, convergent processes, the relationship with the audience and the founder, status and economic situation, the staffing situation, problems and development perspective of the local press.
    Keywords: the local press; the newspaper medium and small cities; functionally- rich model of the local newspaper; the audience of the local newspaper; the legal, the economic status of the local newspaper; media convergence
    Luiza G. Svitich, Olga V. Smirnova, Alla A. Shiryaeva, Mikhail V. Shkondin 52
  • History of Journalism

    «Crisis of the Material and Technical Base of the Soviet Press during the New Economic Policy»

    There are still a lot of “blind-spots” in the scholar research of the Russian media in XX century. In particular it concerns the level of material and technical basis of the Russian press in the first quarter of XX century. The article clarifies the state of development of papermaking in Russia in the 1920s and its impact on the press industry. Besides author analyzes the policy of the Party and Soviet authorities in this field.
    Keywords: press, paper, papermaking, crisis, agitation and propaganda of the Central Committee, New Economic Policy (NEP)
    Maksim I. Babyuk 74
  • «“Enemy’s Face Which Became Brutish Because of Malice”: Left-Radical Emigrant and Soviet Press about I.A. Bunin’s Speech “The Mission of the Russian Emigration”»

    The article is dedicated to the problem of the public apprehension of I.A. Bunin's speech “The Mission of the Russian Emigration” (1924) in both sides of the Soviet borders. The subjects of our research are the corresponding (mostly little-known) publications in left-radical emigrant and Soviet periodical press. We give particular attention to the typical way of such press to have a discussion with the political opponents. All the quotations are got from the original source.
    Keywords: I.A. Bunin, the speech, “The Mission of the Russian Emigration”, the left-radical emigrant press, the Soviet press
    Anton V. Bakuntsev 87
  • «From the History of Journalism Education in Russia: Insti- tute of Red Journalists and its Next Successors (1919—1938)»

    The article contains the basic facts of the history of first Russian high educational institution for journalism — Institute of Red Journalists. During more than twenty years of its existence this institution has changed several names, but laid the foundations for all subsequent journalism education in Soviet Union and modern Russia.
    Keywords: Institute of Red Journalists, journalism education, educational institution, journalists
    Dmitry A. Gutnov 103
  • «Emile Zola’s “Parisian Letters” in the “Herald of Europe” Magazine »

    The article deals with the “Parisian Letters” — a series of essays in the magazine “Herald of Europe” (“ Vestnik Evropy”), which were published in the 70s of the XIX century. Firstly, these articles had to acquaint Russian readers with the lifestyle of France and Paris, secondly, they were to tell about Zola’s creative method and his theory of “experimental novel”.
    Keywords: Emile Zola, “Herald of Europe”, Paris, experimental novel
    Boris I. Esin 115
  • «“Krestyanka” Magazine in 1920s: Methods of Creating a Readership»

    The article examines the history of a Soviet magazine “Krestyanka” in the 1920s, particularly the techniques of creation of the permanent audience and increasing of the circulation. The specific promotion methods of the magazine were implemented in this period. The focus of the magazine was doing an efficient propaganda of ideas of Soviet women equality for illiterate peasants.
    Keywords: the history of the Soviet media, the Soviet magazine “Krestyanka”, the audience of the Soviet women’s magazines in the 1920s
    Olga D. Minaeva 128
  • «History of Codes of Ethics in Russian Journalism»

    The article presents a diachronic survey of journalistic codes of ethics in post­Soviet Russia. Documents are divided by their location and subjects.
    Keywords: code of ethics, journalism ethics, normative theory
    Ekaterina A. Smirnova 150
  • «22 th June of 1941 in the Turkish Press»

    This article examines the news and articles of Turkish press regarding the Ger­many’s occupation of Soviet territory on 22 June 1941, and outlines the attitude of Turkish press in the context of Turkey’s foreign policy. The article is based on the materials of three most well-known titles of the given period: “ Ulus”, that belonged to the Turkish government and used to give impartial coverage; left-winged “Tan”, inclined to the USSR and Allies; and right-winged “Cumhuriyet” with its nationalistic and pro-German attitude.
    Keywords: Turkish-German relations, Turkish-Soviet relations, German- Soviet relations, the Second World War, Turkish press, 22nd June 1941
    Sevtap Syrakaya 165
  • Modern Journalism: Subjects and Issues

    «Anti-Corruption Journalistic Investigations on the Regional Sites (Part 1)»

    The main task of this article is an analysis of journalistic investigations of corruption in contemporary Russia. Author describes the practical experience of investigative journalism on the internet-sites. The goal of the research is also the detection of challenges to such investigations and search of methods to improve their effectiveness.
    Keywords: investigative journalism, corruption in Russia, regional internet-journalism
    Alexander A. Tertychniy 176
  • New Media

    «The New Formats of Books in the Context of Modern Technologies: Moscow Publishing Houses in the Market of E-books»

    The paper examines the special aspects of publishing market, new book’s formats and implementation of e-books (through the example of Moscow publishing houses). The research helps to find out the percent of Moscow publishing houses producing the e-books. Also there are statistics about their distribution.
    Keywords: publishing market, e-books, publishing houses, book publishing
    Anna N. Lavrova 192