22 th June of 1941 in the Turkish Press

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Sevtap Syrakaya

Postgraduate Student, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

e-mail: edaska13@gmail.com

Section: History of Journalism

This article examines the news and articles of Turkish press regarding the Ger­many’s occupation of Soviet territory on 22 June 1941, and outlines the attitude of Turkish press in the context of Turkey’s foreign policy. The article is based on the materials of three most well-known titles of the given period: “ Ulus”, that belonged to the Turkish government and used to give impartial coverage; left-winged “Tan”, inclined to the USSR and Allies; and right-winged “Cumhuriyet” with its nationalistic and pro-German attitude.

Keywords: Turkish-German relations, Turkish-Soviet relations, German- Soviet relations, the Second World War, Turkish press, 22nd June 1941