№ 5 ' 2014


  • Periodical Press

    «Newspapers of Middle and Small Russian Towns in 2010s»

    The article presents the results of a study of newspapers and small and medium­sized cities in Russia. Analyzed data obtained from a survey of editors and journalists on a wide range of issues: features, content structure, genre, convergent processes, the relationship with the audience and the founder, status and economic situation, the staffing situation, problems and development perspective of the local press.
    Keywords: the local press; the newspaper medium and small cities; functionally-rich model of the local newspaper; the audience of the local newspaper; the legal, the economic status of the local newspaper; media convergence
    Luiza G. Svitich, Olga V. Smirnova, Alla A. Shiryaeva, Mikhail V. Shkondin 3
  • «Forms and Methods of Tourism Coverage in Ukrainian Business Publications»

    The article discusses the features of tourism coverage in business publications of Ukraine. The paper analyzes the texts on the development of inbound and domestic tourism in leading general interest media. The author explores the modem technologies of creating media texts on tourism being used in business and general interest media
    Keywords: business publications, travel subjects, typology of business media on tourism
    Mitchuk O.A. 26
  • New Media

    «Social Networks as an Information Source for Business Media: Opportunities and Limitations»

    Social networks became a new stage in development of business information. The author of the article studies different ways how new media can be applied to business journalism. The survey answers on questions about usage of networks like Facebook and Twitter in the sphere of business press.
    Keywords: business journalism, new media, sources of information
    Maria A. Razumova 36
  • Sociology of Journalism

    « Audience Needs for the Internet and Traditional Media»

    The Internet penetration level in Russia continues growing. Due to this some­times they conclude that audience preferences change in favor of the Internet plat­form. In this pilot survey we have tried to explore the audience’ attention to different types of media in settlements with different number of dwellers and to create a work­ing hypothesis on the current situation and its development in future.
    Keywords: internet, internet penetration, audience, choice of media, functional demands
    Galina G. Shchepilova 46
  • History of Journalism

    «I.A. Bunin in Odessa Periodical Press during the Civil War»

    The article is based on the report which the author read in the International sci- entiflc-practical conference «The Tournalism in 2013: The regions in the Russian media space» (Moscow in February, 2014). The author considers the social-literary part of Bunin's stay in Odessa during the Civil war: in particular writer’s publica­tions in Odessa press and its reaction to the writer’s speeches and published works. The author of the article used rare material from the fund of Odessa literary muse­um, Odessa national scientific library, the Russian national library (St. Petersburg).
    Keywords: I.A. Bunin, Odessa, the periodical press, the Civil war
    Anton V. Bakuntsev 55
  • «The 25th Anniversary of I.A. Bunin`s Literary Activity in Reflection of Russian Periodical Press, 1912—1913»

    In the article, day after day, the process of preparation and observance of the 25th anniversary of Bunin’s literary activity is discussed in every detail. Based on the numerous publications in the national periodicals of 1912—1913, as well as a number of little-known archival materials, the author introduces significant correction in the prevailing ideas about one of the most important events in the pre­revolutionary biography of the writer and proves that the jubilee celebrations were of all-Russian nature.
    Keywords: LA. Bunin, the 25th anniversary, the literary activity, the periodical press
    Sergey N. Morozov 71
  • «A Magazine as a Dialogue (on the Moskvityanin Magazine in 1845 Example)»

    The author analyzes three issues of «Moskvityanin» 1845 issued by I.V. Ki­reevsky. It was the first attempt Slavophiles published their journal. Edition of the journal is being analyzed from the perspective of dialogic relations. Dialogue occurs on the one hand, between the authors of the magazine, and on the other — between the «Muscovite» and «Notes of the Fatherland». Constantly interrupted dialogue between its members violated understanding. All this, together with the position of power, refused Kireevsky the right to become at least an unofficial magazine publisher, made it impossible to pass him the magazine and to the failure of his duties of unofficial editor.
    Keywords: dialogue, the Slavophiles, Westerners, «Muscovite», «Notes of the Fatherland», Russian history, calling Vikings
    Vladimir N. Grekov 87
  • «Maxim Gorky’s Article «Two Souls» as Polemics with Neoslavophiles»

    In July 1915 V.F. Ern published the book «The Time is Slavophilizing» in Moscow. The first issue of the magazine «Letopis» with the article of M. Gorky «Two souls» was published in December 1915 in Petrograd. This article presented the hidden polemics with neoslavophile, nationalist and «defensist» views that expanded with the beginning of the World War I amongst the Russian idealistic philosophers in particular and in certain sectors of the Russian intelligentsia in general.
    Keywords: Gorky, Em, « Two souls», «Letopis», the World War I
    Sergey G. Korostelev 99
  • ««Can a Woman do a Man’s Job?» Industrial Propaganda Features in Soviet Magazines for Women in 1920s «Can a Woman do a Man’s Job?» Industrial Propaganda Features in Soviet Magazines for Women in 1920s»

    The article analyzes the central soviet magazines «Rabotnitsa» and «Krestyanka» in the 1920s. This article also examines the specific tasks and techniques of propa­ganda aimed at a female audience.
    Keywords: the history of the soviet media, the soviet magazines Rabotnitsa and Krestyanka, women’s and men’s equal rights
    Olga D. Minaeva 112
  • Discussion

    «The Principles of Publicistic Writing»

    The article is dedicated to the principles of publicistic writing known as one of the most acute problems of journalism theory. The author dwells on the most important principles of publicistic writing that is freedom of expression, modality, dialogic basis, anti-entropy (the ability to influence the audience beyond the moment), conceptuality.
    Keywords: principles, publicistic writing
    Lev E. Kroychik 130