№ 4 ' 2014


  • Periodical Press

    «Media Design Specifics»

    The author considers media design as a part of media texts and as a kind of visual communication system. She also considers the principles of the media texts visualizing, first of all printing mass media and analyses its development.
    Keywords: media design, visual language
    Vera V. Volkova 5
  • History of Journalism

    «Russian Magazine Illustration of the XIX Century: Method of Systematization»

    Russian magazine illustration of the XIX century — the phenomenon which is not yet sufficiently explored, especially from the viewpoint of the use toward fiction and imagination in creating the image or, vice versa, toward strict documentary and reality, both in the contents and the stylistics of graphics. This article examines three genres of Russian magazine graphics: portrait, military report and satirical and humorous picture.
    Keywords: magazine graphics, illustration in the periodical press of the XIX century, portrait, military report, satirical graphics
    Kask A.N. 22
  • New Media

    «Infographics in Media of Different Types»

    The article is devoted to infographics as one of the modern methods of visualization and its spread in mass media of different types. The author classifies the kinds of infographics and analyzes their use in the multimedia language.
    Keywords: infographics, data visualization, mass media, graphic design
    Yana V. Laykova 41
  • Media Language

    «Some Aspects of Studying of a Graphic Illustration as an Ele ment of Media Text»

    The author considers some semiotic aspects of studying of a graphic illustration in the media as an element of media texts, as a special visual communication system that has its own language and principles of information transmission.
    Keywords: graphic illustration, visual language, visual communication
    Anastasia L. Svitich 54
  • History of Journalism

    «Abstract Code of the XX Century: Evolution in the Art and Impact on Magazine Design»

    In this article magazine design and avant-garde lines of arts are analyzed as a single whole. In every style there are features of the common abstract code, that can show us development of the sign systems of the XX century as a single process, and allow to classify all these styles.
    Keywords: abstract code, magazine design, modernism, postmodernism
    Anna V. Tsvetkova 65
  • Media Economics

    «Regional Disproportions in the Russian Media Systems Development»

    This article is focused on theoretical issues about territorial development of media in Russia. It tries to build-up a methodology for studying regional disparities in development of media communications and main information society indicators (mainly ICTs). Authors are grounding on theory of political regionalism and social geography and are using approaches in field of media capital on regional markets. They are proposing hypothesis about correlation between electoral results of political parties on regional elections, geographical parameters (territory, climate, number of cities), socio-economic issues and media landscapes in regions.
    Keywords: geography, regional media, power, media market, disparities
    Ilya V. Kiriya, Dovbysh O.S. 84
  • Modern Journalism: Subjects and Issues

    «Coverage of the Global Financial Crisis in the Russian Business Media»

    The article focuses on coverage of the global financial crisis in Russian business publications. The analysis covers the period since January 2007 till November 2013. The survey presents the transformations of journalists’ perception of financial crisis: from optimistic one in 2007 via more confused but sill full of positive hopes on fast recovery in 2008 to 100% acceptance of global recession in 2009. On the basis of the concrete examples the author reveals the reasons of reporters’ mistakes and sources of wrong forecasts.
    Keywords: business media, financial crisis, recession, global economy
    Maria A. Razumova 105
  • Media Language

    «Stylistic and Argumentation Features in the Russian Corporations’ Messages during the Economic Crises in 2008—2010 (on the CEO’s Letters Example)»

    The article investigates impacts of strategic changes in companies in Russia generated by the global economic crisis of 2008—2010 on vocabulary and stylistics of corporate messages. Empirical data obtained from analysis of 18 CEOs letters published in 2008—2010 in annual reports of companies operating in various markets in Russia. The study reveals potential impacts of corporate messages distributed during the crisis of trust on stakeholders trust in business management. The study suggests some recommendations on corporate messages elaboration during the economic downturn.
    Keywords: economic crisis, global recession, corporate communications, trust, corporate messages, stylistics and argumentation
    Ekaterina A. Samartseva 116
  • Foreign Journalism

    «Coverage of the Struggle of the Political Parties in the American Press during the Social and Economic Crises in September–October 2013 (on the Washington Times and New York Times Example)»

    The article focuses on the struggle to implement the Patient Protection and Af­fordable Care Act (PPACA), also commonly referred to as Obamacare. The struggle of Democratic and Republican parties to implement their policies that help recover the American economy and overcome the Great Recession lead to the Government Shutdown on October 1, 2013. Analysis of the New York Times and Washington Times coverage yields an insight of the events during September — October 2013.
    Keywords: American presidential election, Barak Obama, Republican party, Democratic party, The Great Recession, Government Shutdown, Obamacare
    Anna V. Severse 127
  • History of Journalism

    «Magazine as a Dialogue (on the Moskvityanin Magazine in 1845 Example)»

    The author analyzes three issues of “Moskvityanin” 1845 issued by I. V. Kireevsky. It was the first attempt Slavophiles published their journal. Edition of the journal is being analyzed from the perspective of dialogic relations. Dialogue occurs on the one hand, between the authors of the magazine, and on the other — between the “Muscovite” and “Notes of the Fatherland”. Constantly interrupted dialogue between its members violated understanding. All this, together with the position of power, refused Kireevsky the right to become at least an unofficial magazine publisher, made it impossible to pass him the magazine and to the failure of his duties of unofficial editor.
    Keywords: dialogue, the Slavophiles, Westerners, “Muscovite”, “Notes of the Fatherland”, Russian history, calling Vikings
    Vladimir N. Grekov 135
  • «The methods of Industrial Propaganda for Women during the Industrialization Period (on the Rabotnitsa Magazine Example)»

    This article examines the specific tasks and methods of industrial pro­paganda aimed at a female audience. The article also analyzes the central soviet magazine Rabotnitsa in the 1930s.
    Keywords: The history of the soviet media, the soviet magazine Rabotnitsa in the 1930s, the industrial propaganda
    Olga D. Minaeva 148
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Parameters of Evaluation of the Newsroom Compo- nent in Media Brands (on the Russky Reporter and Snob Magazines Example)»

    The article explores a notion of a brand in the media field. The author has worked out the definition of this concept and on this basis analyzes the newsroom parameters of two Russian magazines (Russky Reporter, Snob) and their role in the creation and support of the media brands.
    Keywords: media brand, magazine brand, magazine, magazine publications, publication concept, audience, content, publication program
    Khatiashvili G.A. 162
  • Criticism and Bibliography

    «Reading the Book of Memory… »

    on The Book of the Memory of Professor Prokhorov. Moscow, 2013
    Keywords: review, book, Prokhorov
    Irina D. Fomicheva 179