Magazine as a Dialogue (on the Moskvityanin Magazine in 1845 Example)

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Vladimir N. Grekov

PhD in Philology, Russian Orthodox Institute of St. John Theologian, Moscow, Russia


Section: History of Journalism

The author analyzes three issues of “Moskvityanin” 1845 issued by I. V. Kireevsky. It was the first attempt Slavophiles published their journal. Edition of the journal is being analyzed from the perspective of dialogic relations. Dialogue occurs on the one hand, between the authors of the magazine, and on the other — between the “Muscovite” and “Notes of the Fatherland”. Constantly interrupted dialogue between its members violated understanding. All this, together with the position of power, refused Kireevsky the right to become at least an unofficial magazine publisher, made it impossible to pass him the magazine and to the failure of his duties of unofficial editor.

Keywords: dialogue, the Slavophiles, Westerners, “Muscovite”, “Notes of the Fatherland”, Russian history, calling Vikings