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  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Modeling of Information Processes in the Modern Media Space»

    The growth of information society resulted in emerging a universal media space without boundaries and barriers for information flows. The necessary precondition for understanding how these diverse information flows function is modeling media processes, based on the study of such crucial concepts as media discourse, commu­nication model, information model and different ways of media representations. The article consistently tackles all these concepts and evaluates their role in modeling in­formation flows.
    Keywords: information processes modelling, media space, information model, types of media representations, media discourse
    Tatiana G. Dobrosklonskaya 3
  • History of Journalism

    «The History of Interaction of State and Press in Russia: The Information Bureau at the Main Department on Print Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire»

    The article deals with the organization of activities of the Information Bureau at the Main Department on Print Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Rus­sian Empire (1906-1917). The main task of the Information Bureau was to provide the official print agencies and officials with reliable information on the activities of the Government and its bodies and persons.
    Keywords: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian empire, Main Department on Print Issues, Information Bureau, censorship, printing agencies
    Dmitry A. Gutnov 16
  • «Literature and Journalism of the Russian Emigration of the Far East as a Multicultural Environment»

    The article reveals a productive interaction of literature and journalism of the Russian emigration of the Far East in 1920—1940s. The interaction is analyzed in the context of interlinks of Russian classics and the Silver Age traditions with ideo­logical basics of Soviet literature. The activities of writers and publicists of the Far East Russian emigration is considered as the multicultural environment formed by the interaction of cultures of East and West, Russia and China.
    Keywords: creation, writers and journalists, Russian emigration of the Far East, Russia and China, multicultural environment
    Svetlana I. Yakimova 26
  • «The Grotesque World of Court in the Variants of F. Dürrenmatt’s “Accident”»

    For Friedrich Durrenmatt, the Swiss writer and playwright, grotesque was an important part of his art world. The same can be said about Franz, Kafka. Radio play (and one of its variants — short story) “Crash” by Durrenmatt and Kafka’s novel “The Trial” have many common features: the very construction of the plot, based on surprise; paradox of that is happening, laughter that was originating by the national carnival. And of course the model of the court is important to reveal the se­crets, make hidden things public. Kafka and Durrenmatt (whose works were created almost 30 years apart) respond to the same question: can the everyman be guilty and that if he will open his eyes to his life?
    Keywords: grotesque, Durrenmatt, Kafka, the motive of the trial in literature
    Markova E.A. 43
  • Media Language

    «Role of Stylistic Means in Creation of Theatre Reviews Multifunctionality»

    The article is devoted to the linguistic features of contemporary theatre review characterized by genre transformation. It is connected with the expansion and the complication of theatre review functions. Language tools used for successful imple­mentation of various functions in theatre review are considered in the article. Fac­tors affecting stylistics of the genre are also singled out. The issues associated with the interaction of mass media and advertising are also touched in the article.
    Keywords: theatrical discourse, theatre review, multifunctioning, transformation of the review genre, stylistic means
    Margarita M. Gruzdeva 54
  • Advertising and Public Relations

    «Factors of Influence on the Choices of Book Buyers (The Results of Opinion Poll)»

    The article presents the results of the survey of predictors for book purchases. The author has managed to detect the most popular points for buying books and to reveal the main news sources for readers.
    Keywords: publishing houses, survey, PR-activity
    Anna N. Lavrova 70
  • Periodical Press

    «Partwork as a Phenomenon in the Modern Media System»

    This article examines the phenomenon of partwork as a periodic collection edition of popular scientific nature that exists in the system of modern media and reflects the main features of mass culture such as: cosmopolitanism, commercialization, enter­tainment, visualization, mass character and serial production. The article contains a review of scientific literature on this type of media, and also the typology of part- works are included. The espousing theoretical frameworks are illustrated with texts of more then twenty partworks (“Ladies of the Century. My Collection of Dolls”, “Lord of the Rings. Chess collection”, “Dolls in Folk Costumes”, etc.). Due to lin­guistic analysis it is possible to identify the Russian language’s elements of manipu­lating character and to define some cognitive features of the texts studied.
    Keywords: history of journalism, partwork, linguistics of media
    Yuliya N. Dracheva , Elena N. Ilyina 87
  • Foreign Journalism

    «News Comics in Chinese Online Journalism»

    The article discusses a new phenomenon in the Chinese online journalism — the transformation of journalistic genre of information messages into a new genre — news comics. The convergent nature of news comics is based on the interaction of verbal and non-verbal components which ensures the integrity of the content and semantic structure. On example of the news comics on Russia published in a special online application “News cartoon” to the newspaper “China Daily” the author explores the specifics of the interaction of verbal and nonverbal components in a journalistic text as a tool for shaping the image of a foreign state.
    Keywords: China, journalism, news, comics, image, polycode, convergence
    Anna Yu. Vetlugina 101
  • Essay

    «The Centenary of Konstantin Simonov, The Poet and War Corres- pondent »

    Keywords: Simonov, poet, war correspondent
    Boris I. Esin 117
  • Materials, Documents, Publications

    «Circulations of Soviet Newspapers in 1921–1922»

    Keywords: newspaper, circulation, Soviet media
    Maksim I. Babyuk 122