Transformation of the North Caucasian Press System within the Context of Censorship Reform under the Influence of the First Russian Revolution

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Lema A. Turpalov

PhD in History, Leading Researcher at Kh. Ibragimov Complex Scientific Research Institute of RAS, Grozny, Russia


Section: History of Journalism

The article for the first time attempts to characterize the general laws and special features of the press in the ethnic regions of the North Caucasus under the 1905– 1907 revolution. Despite the prohibitive measures of tsarist authorities and obstacles imposed by censorship, during this period the region developed a system of private printing in Russian and local languages. The author refutes the well-established opinion in Soviet historical science about the leading role of Bolshevik propaganda in mobilizing the region’s population for anti-government protests. Through critical analysis of scientific literature and the study of new materials revealing the features of the tsarist government’s censorship policy during the first Russian revolution, the author identifies the main trends in the formation of national journalism in the North Caucasus and shows its influence on the socio-political, economic and socio-cultural processes that occurred in the region in the early 20th century.

Keywords: history and functioning of regional journalism, policy of tsarist Russia in the field of the press
DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.journ.6.2019.7493


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