Data Journalism in the Foreign Quality Press (the Case of the Specialized Resources of the Guardian and The New York Times Newspapers)

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Alexandra G. Shilina

Analyst at Paradigm Fund (Active Participation in Crypto Networks Venture Fund), Moscow, Russia


Section: Foreign Journalism

This paper presents the main results of the study of data journalism in the foreign press on the example of materials from the global authoritative newspapers, The Guardian and The New York Times (2014—2016). The analysis of articles shows similar characteristics. Big data is not an essential component of foreign data journalism. Sources of information are rarely processed by the journalists themselves. Foreign data journalism is primarily monosubjective: the authorship of most articles is individual. Data journalism in foreign quality press has certain characteristics that can be described as normative: in terms of genre most of the materials are comments on economic and political data with one or two data visualizations

Keywords: The Guardian Datablog, The New York Times’ Upshot, big data, quantitative data, data journalism
DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.journ.5.2019.135162


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