A Student’s Independence in Writing a Graduation Thesis: the Experience of Journalistic Education in Russia and Sweden

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Grigory D. Goldenzwaig

PhD in Philology, Researcher at Sodertorn University, Stockholm, Sweden

e-mail: greg.goldenzwaig@gmail.com

Section: Education in Journalism

The article describes the research project “Independence in writing a graduation thesis: the experience of journalistic and pedagogical education in Russia and Sweden”. This three-year interdisciplinary project is being conducted at the University of Sodertorn (Sweden) by researchers from the faculties of journalism and teacher education. The focus of the article is the interpretations of independence in journalistic education, especially in relation to the Russian practice. The text examines the concept of the project, the main directions of the study and features the ongoing research at the stage of its implementation.

Keywords: journalistic education, independence, graduation thesis, Bologna process, comparative study

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