Regional Disproportions in the Russian Media Systems Development

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Ilya V. Kiriya

PhD in Philology, Professor, Head of the Media Department of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: ikiria@hse.ra
Dovbysh O.S.

PhD Student, Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Russia


Section: Media Economics

This article is focused on theoretical issues about territorial development of me­dia in Russia. It tries to build-up a methodology for studying regional disparities in development of media communications and main information society indicators (mainly ICTs). Authors are grounding on theory of political regionalism and social geography and are using approaches in field of media capital on regional markets. They are proposing hypothesis about correlation between electoral results of political parties on regional elections, geographical parameters (territory, climate, number of cities), socio-economic issues and media landscapes in regions.

Keywords: geography, regional media, power, media market, disparities