The Ukrainian Russophile French-Language Press of France (1919—1921 yrs)

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Blavatskyy S.R.

Researcher at the Stefanyk National Science Library, Lviv, Ukraine


Section: History of Journalism

The paper deals with the study of formation and functioning of the Ukrainian Russophile French-language press of France in 1919—1921 yrs. In the research ideological trend, editorial policy and content of the periodicals of Comite de Сarpatho-Russes a Paris («Les Russes des Carpathes» (Paris, 1919) and Comite National Ukrainien a Paris («Bulletin du Comite National Ukrainien a Paris» (1920), «La Jeune Ukraine» (Paris, 1920—1921) have been examined. The conclu­sions have been drawn and the perspectives of the research have been formulated.

Keywords: The Ukrainian Russophile French-language press, France, Ukrai¬nian National Committee in Paris, Committee of Carpatho-Russes in Paris