A Phenomenon of “Kulachestvo” in Soviet Press during Collectivization (1928—1932)

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Ekaterina P. Volkova

Postgraduate student at the Chair of History and Statutory Regulation of Domestic Mass Media, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: iracanji@gmail.com

Section: History of Journalism

In article an attempt to reveal and analyze features of formation of a phenome­non of “kulachestvo” on pages of the Soviet press of the period of collectivization (1928—1932) is made from positions of system historical approach. The author ad­dresses to the documents shedding light on methods and forms of giving of a hostile image of “kulak ", puts a problem of allocation of signs of this concept and on the basis of the qualitative analysis of rhetoric of three party editions of the studied period (the newspaper “Pravda”, the magazine “Partiinoe stroitelstvo” and the newspaper “Krestyanskaya gazeta”) puts forward the thesis about substantial transformation of this image in system of promotion of the USSR.

Keywords: the press, the image, the enemy of the people, the kulaks, the transformation