Yu. A. Bunin and “The Educator’s Bulletin” Magazine

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Tamara V. Gordienko

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Professor at the Chair of Pubic Relations, Russian State University of Tourism and Service, Pushkino, Russia

e-mail: tamara_gordienko@mail.ru

Section: History of Journalism

Researchers of I.A. Bunin‘s (1857—1921) creative work as a writer and a poet, who was the first Russian to be awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, read repeatedly about the role of Juliy in his younger brother’s life. Juliy had great educational influence on his brother and basically brought him up. Unfortunately there are no articles on Juliy’s work. He was a well-known journalist. His articles, published in various newspapers and magazines late in XIX — early in XX century, were not included in any collections of works, even though they are of considerable interest to readers. There are no articles about his work in the manaz,ine “Educator’s Bulletin”, which he edited from 1897 till its closing in 1917.

Keywords: pre-revolutionary journalism, pedagogics, “Educator’s Bulletin”