Global Structure of International Information

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Yassen N. Zassoursky

Professor, Doctor of Philology, Head at the Chair of Foreign Journalism and Literature, President of the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Section: Foreign Journalism

There are many information sources in the information space today: starting from web sites up to global television networks, global newspapers and a wide range of international and national newspapers. This huge flow of information is determined by the hierarchy of information centers. The key part in this hierarchy belongs to quality newspapers. They determine main directions of information materials’ content. Usually, these newspapers are a kind of research centers which daily inform of new and forming tendencies of world politics. Basically, global quality newspapers today present world agenda of information exchange, which has crucial influence upon the development of regional, national and local newspapers further on.

Keywords: quality newspapers, globalization, international information flows, structure of modem states, mass media and state