Issues of Emigrants’ Self-Identification in Russian Émigré Press in 1930s

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Nikolay M. Mikhalev

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at the Chair of History and Legal Regulation of Domestic Media, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Section: History of Journalism

The logic of development of Russian emigrants’ mass-media in 1930-th reflected process of emigrants’ self-identification. To the beginning of 1930-th old ideas have been discredited by impossibility to change a political regime in Russia. Moods of fatigue and disappointment forced emigrants to give up the struggle against Bolsheviks. It was caused also by new political and philosophical concepts which had experienced influence of the Soviet counter-propaganda. While making decision what concept to choose for development of emigrants society and struggle for Russia, the majority of emigrants categorically rejected left-wing and liberal ideas. Their place was occupied with the right-wing, radical ideology.

Keywords: Russian emigrants, mass media, bolsheviks, propaganda, fascism