The Image of Russia in Argentinian Periodicals (a Case Study of Página/12, Clarín, La Nación, Buenos Aires Times and El País Newspapers)

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Elizaveta S. Golousova

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at the Chair of Periodical Press and Online Publications, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ekaterinburg, Russia


Section: Foreign Journalism

In the context of the current geopolitical environment characterized by the growing tensions between various international parties, one of Russia’s primary goals is to maintain a positive image in the global information space. Being a public diplomacy tool, media are able to convey certain ideas and images to a wide audience to form a comprehensive image of a given country. The goal of the author of the paper was to describe the main features used in the presentation of the image of Russia in Argentinian mass media. The methodology included the study of the journalist’s argumentation, vocabulary, as well as the ways used to verbalize images, stylistic devices and the role of visual components (photos, illustrations) presented in the publications. The author analyzed a vast array of evidence (in total – more than 500 publications) and identified the main techniques that contribute to the formation of the media image of the country on the verbal and visual levels. Regarding the content of media messages, it may be concluded that the concepts postulated in Western media have a high degree of influence on Argentinian journalists’ position regarding the coverage of political and economic issues. However, considering the publications that cover the joint fight against the pandemic or those related to cultural issues, one can see a more positive attitude of their authors towards Russia in general and collaborative projects in particular.

Keywords: media image, Russia, Argentinian mass media
DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.journ.4.2022.147176


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Golousova E.S. (2022) Obraz Rossii v periodicheskoy pechati Argentiny (na primere gazet Página/12, Clarín, La Nación, Buenos Aires Times, El País) [The Image of Russia in Argentinian Periodicals (a Case Study of Página/12, Clarín, La Nación, Buenos Aires Times and El País Newspapers)]. Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seriya 10. Zhurnalistika 4: 147–176. DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.journ.4.2022.147176