F. M. Dostoevsky through the Prism of Historical Journals of 1881–1918: the Statistical Aspect

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Daria E. Kulikova

Specialist in the Project in the field of Municipal Government of the Center for Career Development of Moscow Metropolitan Governance Yury Luzhkov University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: egle13solnze@mail.ru

Section: History of Journalism

This paper for the first time examines articles about F.M. Dostoevsky in the major historical and literary journals in the period from the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century in the statistical aspect. The author systematizes the texts about the writer published in the first decades after his death in the Istorichesky Vestnik, Russky Arkhiv and Russkaya Starina journals. The number of published texts, their genres, topics and the range of authors are analyzed in the paper. The times of publication are correlated to the memorable dates and socio-political situation in the country. The author concludes that the number of articles and the relevance of various topics are often determined by historical events as well as by the typological features of the journals. Istorichesky Vestnik is characterized by the greatest variety of themes and genres and the presence of the author’s position in many articles. Russky Arkhiv publishes historical sources without evaluating the facts. Russkaya Starina often considers modernity through the prism of history. Memoirs, essays, historical and literary articles contain interesting information about F. M. Dostoevsky’s personality and the perception of his work and ideology. While working on the paper, the author discovered a number of little-known texts to be used in further research.

Keywords: F. M. Dostoevsky, historical journalism, Istorichesky Vestnik, Russky Arkhiv, Russkaya Starina
DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.journ.2.2020.141166


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