Public Health in the Russian Media's News Agenda

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Varvara V. Kazhberova

Development Director of National Health Development Agency, Moscow, Russia


Section: Modern Journalism: Subjects and Issues

This paper is one of many concerned with making Russian society realize that public health results from the interaction between the state and the citizen, governmental and public organizations, businesses, science and the media. The aim of the author is to inform the scientific community about the results of studying the Russian media’s practice of covering health-related issues. The essence of the hypothesis assumed by the author is that given a lot of materials dealing with health newspapers and magazines are not guided by a systematic approach to the institution of public health and consider it through the prism of individual aspects. The materials for the study were selected with the help of the Medialogy analytical system and then looked through by the author in a manual way. The selected articles were studied by means of professional analysis of journalistic text and comparative analysis. Professional analysis of texts is a scientific method suggesting the use of observation tables, which include the headlines of the articles, their sources, genre and results of examining their basic characteristics: theme, idea, text structure, composition, layout, lexical and stylistic features. Such tables make the texts comparable and enable one to juxtapose them and obtain necessary generalizations. On the basis of observations, a comparative analysis of the texts is conducted. As a result of this two-stage analysis, the researcher finds her hypothesis confirmed and concludes about the factors that prevent journalists from becoming stakeholders of the institution of public health.

Keywords: public health, human health, media, research, news agenda
DOI: 10.30547/vestnik.joum.2.2019.154172


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