Open Communications as an Instrument of Shaping an Image of the State (the Case of Modern Russia)

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Dmitry L. Strovsky

Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Greg Simons

Doctor of Philology, Researcher, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

e-mail: gregmons@yahoo

Section: Advertising and Public Relations

The authors envisage the problem of shaping open communications as a factor of creating a positive reputation of a country in the world. Open communications are treated within a general concept of strategic communications as being pivotal for forming the positive reputation of an actor of politics. Given an evolution of the political sphere in Russia, the authors raise a question of why open communications are being badly realized here. Following it, the article attempts to study the essence of the above concept and focuses on its problematic aspects. Also, the ways of fulfillment of this concept in current Russian conditions are debated.

Keywords: strategic communication, Internet, public diplomacy, public relations, manipulation, information security