Archetype and Image in the Philosophical Aesthetics the Lubomjudres and the Slavophiles

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Vladimir N. Grekov

PhD in Philology, Russian Orthodox Institute of St. John Theologian, Moscow, Russia


Section: History of Journalism

The article examines the philosophical journalism the lubomjudres and slavophiles. The author considers in detail, as it reflected the aesthetic views the lubomjudres, and then slavophiles, their attitude to the periodization of art, the comprehension of the problem of the change of artistic periods. In this connection, as shown in the article, the key problem for aesthetics, and for publicisme the lubomjudres and slavophiles becomes a problem of synthesis. The slavophiles tolerate the idea of synthesis of the relations public and apply it to the theory of historical development.

Keywords: nature of art, artistic evolution, archetype, aesthetics, harmony, synthesis, lubomudres, slavophiles