Odoevsky and Russian Almanacs of 1820s—1840s

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Nikita V. Gusev

PhD student at the Chair of History of Russian Journalism and Literature, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: gusevnikitavl@ mail.ru

Section: History of Journalism

The author brings up a question on a place and value of the almanac as special type of the periodical press in Odoevsky’s journal publishing activity of 1820— 1840, the reasons of his active reference to the almanac. In this article are analyzed three Odoevsky’s projects-almanacs — “Mnemozina” (with V.K. Kuechelbeker, 1824—1825), “Detskie knizhki dlya voskresnih dney” (with B.A. Vrassky, 1833—1834), “Sel’skoe chtenie” (with A.P. Zablotskiy-Desjatovsky, 1843—1848), focused on different categories of readers, but connected by uniform educational installation of editors.

Keywords: V.F. Odoevsky, the almanac as edition type, enlightenment, “Mnemozina”, “Detskie knizhki dlya voskresnih dney”, “Sel’skoe chtenie”