Looking for public sphere that never existed. Analysis of political communication on Russian TV (2000-2009)

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Yulia I. Dolgova

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at the Chair of Television and Radio Broadcasting, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: Y_Dolgova@newmail.ru

Section: Television and Radio

This article is dedicated to the changes which take place in Russian political com­munication after the presidential election of the year 2000. The author analyzes these changes and marks out the basics tendencies of the modern Russian TV political com­munication. According to the author the Russian political communication is based on the principles of responsibility and expediency which cause sometimes the restriction of freedom of speech. Anyway the author thinks that this restriction is the world’s universal tendency connected with the collapse of Habermas’ public sphere.

Keywords: political communication, television, reasonable, responsibility, expediency propaganda