Key elements of the country’s image and its promotional techniques (the case of the Italian image in Russia)

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Daria A. Klimenko

PhD student at the Chair of Foreign Journalism and Literature, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Section: Foreign Journalism

This article presents the analysis of country image concept and its differences from the Russian equivalent of the word “image” (in the meaning of “appearance”). The analysis based on the Russian political, psychological, sociological, marketing scientific researches. It presents the revealing of main components of the country image structure on the example of Italy’s image formation in the Russian media space, and the enumer­ation of main promotion technologies. According to research dates Italy represents a country with a positive image, which could be hardly spoiled by external and internal factors. Its example and the analysis of successful practical technologies and instruments could be useful as an experience of a country promotion abroad, as well as for the Russian image development abroad.

Keywords: country, image, media, Italy, technologies