№ 4 ' 2013


  • Editorial

    «Generation jobless»

    Keywords: generation jobless, editorial
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 3
  • History of Journalism

    «Content and Forms of War Propaganda for Women in Soviet Women Magazines in 1920s-1930s»

    There is an analysis of the content and forms of military propaganda in Soviet magazines for women in 1920—1930’s in this article. This research helps to see how to the images of the heroines of this era were created, how the system of values was translated. The subject of military training for women was relevant all the mentioned period, it is associated with the promotion of the fight for equal rights for women, for the possession of “male” professions. Also, an idea of what a woman can do and should do being up in arms to defend their country was fanned at this time.
    Keywords: history of the Soviet press, war propaganda for women, Soviet women’s magazines, women’s images of the 1930s
    Olga D. Minaeva 6
  • «“The Cursed Days”: Specificity of I.A. Bunin’s Work with Facts »

    The article is based on the report which the author read in the 4th International scientific conference “Synthesis of non-fiction and fiction in literature and art” in Kazan in May, 2012. We use “The Cursed Days” as an example to examine the main principles and methods of Bunin's work with actual material. The writer used different texts of newspaper publications as actual material and also his own diary notes of 1915—1922 and publicistic works written during the Civil war and the beginning of emigration. The author of the article compares the original works with their “equivalents” in “The Cursed Days” and shows how Bunin made literary transformations of the initial actual material.
    Keywords: I.A. Bunin, “The Cursed Days”, actual material, literary transformation
    Anton V. Bakuntsev 22
  • Media Language

    «A Verbal Continuum “Hypothetical Character / Falsity” in Mass Media Discourse»

    In the article there is an analysis of the linguistic units introducing semantics of hypothetical/unreliability into the information discourse. It is concluded that the use of such units paves the way for mind control.
    Keywords: hypothetical, unreliability, semantic field, the manipulation, the hypothetical reality
    Vera N. Suzdaltseva 37
  • «Characteristics of Stylistic Mistakes in Rewritten Online News Items»

    The author researches the field of production the news messages on the Internet by rewriting, the specifics of this field, conditioned both by the method of production of the informational item and by the consumers’ requirements. The author investigates the stylistic mistakes in the news stories produced by the agencies that specialize on rewriting.
    Keywords: Web-text, multimedia message, rewriting, stylistic mistakes
    Olga R. Laschuk 45
  • Foreign Journalism

    «British Tabloids in Electoral Process: An Example of Mediacracy or Soft Power?»

    The author reconstructs the existing discourse on electoral impact of tabloid press, the British national tabloids taken as empirical base. The conclusion in favor of a limited ‘Sun effect’ is made. A hypothesis of symbolic meaning of visually represented ‘tabloid shifts’ is formulated.
    Keywords: media & political studies, mediacracy, general elections, British press, tabloid journalism
    Svetlana S. Bodrunova 55
  • Theory of Journalism and Media

    «Mediality in Mass Media Texts and the Idea of Media Modulus»

    The article deals with theoretical aspects of mass media, journalism and com- municology, their cooperation in interpreting media texts is scrutinised. Mediality is investigated as content- and event-oriented practice based on informational and cultural analyses of media texts and discourses. The role of journalist texts in mass education is correlated with communicological competence of consumers. The con­clusions are drawn about the necessity of implementing some new concepts (media modulus, etc.) and strengthening the ideal and mission of journalist profession.
    Keywords: mass media, mediality, media modulus, mediaeducation, communicology, journalism, mass culture
    Viktor V. Khorolsky 75
  • Media Economics

    «Business Processes in News Based Journalism»

    In the article authors present the result of the research of the business processes going during news making for business mass media. Authors give the description of the conceptual and methodological tools to be used for the decomposition of news article composing process. Authors analyze real examples of reporter’s work on the texts on the basis of operations management.
    Keywords: mass media operations management, business processes, decom¬position, typical processes, optimization, standardization, codification
    Andrei V. Vyrkovsky, Borisyak D.A. 90