№ 6 ' 2012


  • Editorial

    «Mitt Romney vs. Public Television»

    Keywords: Mitt Romney, public television, editorial
    Yassen N. Zassoursky 3
  • Foreign Journalism

    «TV Broadcasting in Arabic: from Regionalization to Globalization»

    This article deals with the history of the beginning and spreading TV broad­casting in Arabic all over the world. The careful analysis of content of TVprogram­ming in Arabic revealed a positive impact of media on ethnic and religious relations.
    Keywords: television, Arab World, Islam, media, international TV broadcasting
    Anatoliy S. Puyu, Arzu A. Sadykhova 8
  • «Why Canadians Don’t Trust Their Country’s Media?»

    We examine a few recent publications of Canadian Journal of Communication (2010—2011) for to answer the question: why Canadians don’t trust their own mass media. The basic problem is the quality of information.
    Keywords: Canadian Journal of Communication, Canadian media, distrust, quality of information
    Elena F. Ovcharenko 24
  • «French Press on Democratic Values in Russia (during Parliament Elections of 2011)»

    In this article the author analyses a view on the democratic values in Russia following publications in the French quality dailies that treated different aspects of the parliamentary election campaign in 2011.
    Keywords: axiology, democratic values, Russia ’s image, French quality press
    Darya D. Tsiliuric 31
  • «Russian and French Versions of the Metro Daily on Migrants»

    Author gives the results of comparative investigation of the publications about immigrants in the French and Russian version of newspaper Metro from august to September 2010. The opinion of journalists and experts about role of journalists in the forming of xenophobia in the society is described.
    Keywords: migration, journalism, French, Russian
    Myakynchenko P.E. 46
  • «The Age of Microblogging and Newspapers’ Transformation»

    In the last three years, microblogging has been wildly booming in China. As a tool for self-expression and communication, microblogging (Weibo) has also become a platform for advertisement, information on government’s services, and news com­munication. The convenience and multi-functional services of microblogging attract more and more new users thus increasing the competition with newspapers in news consumption. The situation can be regarded as an important trend for newspaper market.
    Keywords: era of microblogging in China, traditional media, citizen journalism, newspapers’ microblogging
    Lee Suan 54
  • History of Journalism

    «Popular Magazine “The Warrior and the Plowman” on the 100 th Anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812»

    The article devoted to the 200-th Anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812. The author turns to forgotten but then popular illustrated magazine of yearly XX century “The Warrior and the Plowman" that widely celebrated the 100-th anniversary.
    Keywords: the war of 1812, main battles, patriotism, mass heroism, genres, visibility
    Boris I. Esin 65
  • «Correlation of Artistic and Documentary Elements in Bunin’s “The Great Intoxication”»

    The article examines the correlation of artistic and documentary elements in I.A. Bunin's lecture “Great Intoxication”. That’s why the author compares diary notes made by I.A. Bunin in 1917 and the fragment of his famous lecture he read in Odessa in 1919.
    Keywords: I.A. Bunin, lecture, “Great Intoxication ”, artistic elements, documentary elements
    Anton V. Bakuntsev 71
  • «First Magazines in Finland and the Origins of Women’s Movement»

    Author investigates first Finnish women's magazines being published in 1782— 1861. Content analysis of several issues of the magazines allows to look at the life and habits of Finnish society of that time in terms of gender contract and to deter­mine the role of women in this society on the eve of the rapid cultural and economic surge of Finland.
    Keywords: women’s magazines, gender contract, Finland, women’s movement
    Olga L. Kryazheva 80