The Origins of the Soviet Publicism

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Ivan V. Kuznetsov

Doctor of History, Professor, Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


Section: History of Journalism

In the article the author has outlined a circle of outstanding writers and publicists who have laid the foundation for the Soviet publicism and have presented all palette of publicistic genres. The first years of the Soviet Russia are presented by texts of A.Serafimovich, L. Sosnovsky, L. Rejsner, V. Shishkov, D. Furmanov, M. Bulgakov, A. Platonov, M. Sholokhov. In 1918-1920th the majority of essayists and feuilletonists, being front-correspondents of the central and local newspapers, wrote truthful chronicle of Civil war. The central place in this article is given to one of the most famous publicists of the period - L.Sosnovsky who wrote a lot about people of revolution, heroes-builders of the first Soviet state and its rapidly changing shape.

Keywords: soviet publicism, publicists, Bolsheviks, Russian revolution, Civil war, Sosnovsky